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3D Scanning & BIM Models

OAR Scanning LLC offers laser scanning services and various deliverables to meet our customers’s needs

3D Laser Scanning and BIM Scans Include:

3D Laser Scanning
OAR’s field technology group use laser scanning services to provide clients with accurate, high-resolution, and comprehensive data of spaces and objects. Our state-of-the-art laser scanning equipment (Leica Geo Systems) and software capture and process the scan data, and deliver the data in various formats and resolutions Including REVIT, Meshing, Inventor, point cloud files. Our laser scanning services can be used for various purposes, such as as-built documentation, facility management, asset management, and more.
Quality Assurance Quality Control
Every BIM Scan 3D REVIT Model that OAR Scanning LLC provides is subject to state of the art QAQC. Using the new and exciting technology of point cloud meshing, OAR Scanning lays the turbo meshed model over REVIT 3D model drafts. This way, inconsistencies and inaccuracies between the point cloud and the REVIT 3D model are identified and resolved ahead of delivery. This ensures that every 3D model that OAR provides is of the highest accuracy.
File Deliverables
Our experience suggests that the most value is produced from OAR's BIM Scan service when we deliver a point cloud, 3D point cloud mesh, and a 3D REVIT model. We do not insist that customers receive these three deliverables but we suggest it. For customers who are new to 3D design work, we offer comprehensive consulting and BIM services to make sure that our BIM Scan customers make the most out of their BIM Scan.


3D Meshing

OAR’s point cloud meshes help clients visualize and plan based off of extremely accurate onsite conditions. Specialized software and algorithms process and analyze the point cloud data, providing a smaller file size than a traditional point cloud that is accurate, smooth, accessible and functional. Our point cloud meshing services create 3D models and surfaces of various scales, geometries, and materials, and can save clients time and resources compared to traditional modeling methods.

Scan To BIM

Our in house field technology group is one of our greatest assets. OAR does not contract out for scanning, reality capture, and photogrammetry. Because field technology in our sector is advancing so fast and to ensure that our data collection and hardware are exceptional and always evolving, we keep our field technology activities in-house. This ensures that our customers enjoy better data which we believe is critical to their success. This is also very helpful for planning the logistics of a site visit on tight timelines or other constraints. 

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